Step Back in Time

The inspiration for this year's theme is drawn from Hoyt Park itself. The park's iconic stonework features design elements from the Arts & Crafts period. 

Starting from the moment you step out of your car Event Essentials will usher you back in time. After handing your keys to the valet you will step through the stone gates that frame the entrance of Hoyt Park. You'll be drawn into the pavilion by the warmth of the fires burning in it's large stone fireplaces. From there you'll venture down a lighted path into the heated parlor tent for cocktails while you wait to be seated for dinner.  The elegant evening will include nods to design elements of the Arts & Crafts movement making you feeling a part of the history of the park.

The Art & Crafts Movement (1880–1910) stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often used medieval, romantic, or folk styles of decoration, including nature-inspired and wood motifs. Arts and Crafts ideals are seen in furniture and woodwork, architecture, stained glass, leatherwork, embroidery, weaving, jewelry, metalwork, ceramics and more.